The company "AMZ GROUP" LLC - aluminum producer in Ukraine

For the production of aluminum alloys at the plant “AMZ GROUP” LLC used scrap and aluminum waste, classified according to DSTU 3211: 2009.

The company uses all classes of aluminum raw materials.

As ligation materials are used:

  • Magnesium primary ingots according to State Standard DSTU 2187-93, brands M96, M95, M90, and magnesium alloy scrap.
  • Copper alloys of the brands M0, M1, M2, M3 and copper scrap.
  • Crystalline silicon according to State Standard DSTU 2169-69 is used for brands KR0, KR1, KR2.
  • Manganese as a ligation material is used in the form of manganese metal DSTU 6008-90.
  • Primary aluminum is used for the production of brands A5, A6, A7 DSTU 11069-2003.

For full extraction of metal at its melting and for removal of oxides and other impurities are used fluxes.

Scrap and lumpy waste of aluminum alloys

Aluminum alloy shavings

Other waste of aluminum alloys (slag, etc.)


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